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Employee Health & Wellness Trainings

Employee Health & Wellness Trainings

In the recent times, there is an increasing incidence of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, behavioural problems, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, etc affecting even the younger people. The changed living habits due to increasing job requirement, sedentary lifestyle and competitive living are the main culprits coming in the way of golden rules of good living. People who fall victims to this new phenomenon get trapped with certain diseases at a younger age. These are called lifestyle disorders because of the reason that the diseases associated with this are limited to people who adopt unhealthy and inappropriate lifestyles. These diseases have emerged as bigger killers than infectious or hereditary ones.

These lifestyle disorders can be avoided by adopting healthy lifestyles.

As a measure of employee engagement, corporates are taking initiatives to ensure wellness of their employees.

Wellness is "an active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices (healthy choices). Wellness means more than simply not being ill; it focuses on keeping your body in good condition so it runs more efficiently and you stay well longer. True wellness is proactive; recognize that you have mental, physical and social needs to operate at top functionality.

Employee wellness training encourages employees to adopt or maintain healthy lifestyles – or at least take the first steps toward learning about healthy alternatives.

Choosing healthier alternatives to reduce cholesterol levels, for example, can reduce an employee’s risk of heart disease.

There are benefits for the employer in terms of increased productivity, fewer sick leaves, better attendance, and improved morale.

For employees, wellness programs have been associated with a whole host of health benefits. These programs can lead to a greater readiness to change exercise behaviours, increased fruit and vegetable intake, decreases in body weight, increased adoption of smoking cessation and improved mental health. For all parties involved, wellness programs are working.

Wellness should be tailored and made relevant to your employees—not the other way around. That means working with your employees to learn what they value on the journey towards better health. It also means finding wellness activities your employees want to be a part of and addressing issues that are actually a challenge at your company.

We can design and deliver various programmes aimed at Employee Health & Wellness. Some of them are listed below:

·        Healthy Habits

·        Women Health

·        Healthy Heart

·        Stress Management

·        Weight Management

·        Let’s quit Tobacco & Alcohol

·        Women Safety

·        Better Health through Lifestyle Management

·        Emotional Wellness

·        Financial Wellness

We can design and deliver more programs as per your needs...

These sessions can be conducted for a duration of 2 hours to 1 day as per the requirement.

An important point to note is that it’s not all about the corporate ROI, though! It’s about the value added to your company and your human capital. Many companies get caught up in the financial benefit and savings an employee wellness program can provide, but that’s not what matters most.

Wellness programs are built for employees. They’re designed to help employees learn about and make healthy lifestyle choices. Ultimately, your employees should be the focus of your wellness program!!

We can discuss the wellness training requirements of your organization over a phone call and take this forward.



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