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POSH Training Services

POSH Training Services

Whether you are dealing with a small or big issue related to sexual abuse or harassment, you need to have good knowledge of the POSH act. By organizing knowledge-based Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) training, companies can address issues and take action accordingly. To make the work more effective, you can focus on POSH Training services. This kind of training helps you to identify and know which behavior is acceptable in the workplace and falls under the category of sexual harassment.

Data reveals that 81% of women and 43% of men experience sexual assaults during their tenure. It is impossible to avoid all potential sexual harassment situations. Surprisingly, 16% of people did not know what behavior becomes illegal and qualifies as misconduct which also includes jokes. Now, you can interpret the benefits of PoSH training when it comes to spreading awareness among employees.

What is the PoSH Act?

The Indian government enacted a legislation PoSH act in 2013 to address the issues of sexual harassment faced by women in an organisation. The act aims to provide a safe and secure work environment for women and develop a more protected work environment against sexual harassment.

"Under the PoSH act, some unwelcome acts are defined as sexual harassment such as physical contact and sexual advances, creating sexually coloured remarks, a demand or request for sexual favours, showing pornography, and other verbal or non-verbal, and physical conduct of a sexual nature."

The act also lists down the five circumstances that would constitute sexual harassment if they are related to the above-mentioned behaviour:

  •  Implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment in employment
  •  Implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in employment
  •  Implied or explicit threat about present or future employment status
  •  Interference with work or creating an intimidating offensive or hostile work environment
  •   Humiliating treatment likely to affect health or safety

The act expands the definition of an employee that goes beyond the company law. It captures the rights of women employees, whether employed regularly, contractually, temporarily, or as daily wage worker (as apprentices or interns or even employed without the knowledge of the principal employer) and allow them to ask for redressal to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Let’s Understand What PoSH Training Is

The predominant focus of conducting POSH training for employees is to allow them to identify and differentiate the behaviour according to the PoSH (Prevention of sexual harassment) Act. It educates employees understand the legal aspects of the PoSH (Prevention of sexual harassment) Act. Through various training sessions, you will know what kind of behaviour falls under sexual assault. Importantly, it helps companies to develop a respectful and safe working environment in an organisation to let companies progress with good speed.

In the context of degrading a company’s image, one incident is enough. Therefore, it is more than important to sensitise your employees about the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable acts within an organisation. The wavelength of training services covers trainer certification, policy framework, organisation policy and webinars, and more.

Benefits of PoSH Training Services

Why should we ask for PoSH training solutions in our organisation? How is it beneficial for the development of an organisation? If you are puzzled by these concerns, you should absorb the benefits of PoSH training solutions:

1) Develop a better understanding of the Act

To make yourself safe from the legal consequences due to your irresponsible behaviour, you should know the PoSH act. A complete understanding of the PoSH Act allows you to gain awareness of the fundamentals of harassment. Generally, people think that touching another person comes under the definition of sexual harassment. However, it is more than your behaviour in your workplace.

2) Differentiate between company and social behaviours

One thing to always keep in mind is that social gatherings cannot be the same company’s meetings. Companies have set their values and cannot ignore the impact of social culture on corporate culture. Moreover, a specific behaviour is not acceptable in the workplace. Through training sessions, you can understand how to act in your workplace that doesn’t come under the definition of sexual harassment.

3) Reduce incidents and improve productivity

Awareness lets people understand their responsibilities, especially when they are working in an organisation. By organising PoSH awareness training, you get more aware and behave according to a law that consequently reduces the incidence in an organisation. Additionally, you can build a positive environment where men and women are treated equally. It enhances one’s productivity at work and makes a company's environment more secure.

4) Better relationships between employees and management

PoSH training boosts morale among employees. It helps them to build better relationships between employees and the management. These training sessions ensure better coordination between the employees and management which promotes a positive work culture.

5) Makes women more confident

The fear of sharing the cases of sexual harassment is obvious, and women experience the same. Making every woman confident and fearless while working in their organisation can be possible by conducting the PoSH training sessions. It also helps them to address the hesitation that doesn’t allow women to report their cases.

Best Practices To Use While Conducting PoSH Training

Making mistakes while conducting PoSH training sessions is common. However, mistakes cannot allow you to make a larger impact and help you achieve your objectives. So, keep the following practices in your mind to get the best results from your training sessions:

  • Organise your training programs at regular intervals.
  • Make sure to refresh or update your data and content timely.
  • Update your content according to the changes or market situation.
  • Ensure to use case studies and examples.
  • Try to make the training sessions more interactive with Q&As, games, and quizzes, and engage your audience for more impact.
  • You can ask for feedback from the participants to update the sessions accordingly.

Have you learned the importance of the PoSH training for a company? Seek POSH Training And Certification Services In India if you cannot handle everything by yourself. It reduces your workload and unnecessary stress of organising the training sessions within your organisation.



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